Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Letter To Three Spiritual Friends


Sorry for the single letter to all three. I am very busy these days. I have three websites, blogs, articles and I big dream --- "NATURAL ORDER SOCIETY FARM."

Chris I will send you rune info in a separate letter.

These are very important times. The Age of Aquarius has not only brought us a new paradigm, called the Laws of Quantum Physics -- it is also releasing a very powerful energy upon the planet.

The energy of URANUS, the ruler of Aquarius. It will be with us for 2000 years and will bring many changes, suddenly.

It is the energy of the Lightning bolt. Wherever it hits there will be transformation. For those who have not taken the time to build the correct "step-down" transformer circuits within themselves, destruction. For those who have - transformation and even distribution of these high energies.

There is nothing spiritual, occult nor mystical, good or bad, about this. It is, was and always will be about ENERGY. This is what the Age of Aquarius is telling us. You, I, the planets, galaxy, God are all energy beings.

Everything is evolving. You and I into higher beings, Moon into a planet, earth into a sun, sun into a solar system, solar system into a galaxy, galaxy into a universe, universe back into the mind of God.

So, these powerful energies coming from our Galactic sun (that is what causes the 2000 year age, our solar systems orbit around the galactic sun) is showering everything in our solar system with this new very powerful energy.

Aquarius + Uranus = Instantaneous transformations.

Mankind is only a very thin layer of organic life on the surface of the planet.

His survival or destruction in the Creator's overall scheme is not important. If man does not raise his level of consciousness enough to withstand this powerful Uranus energy, then the whole 5th root race of man will go by the way of the do-do birds and dinosaurs.

The good news is that we only need about 5% of the total population of humanity to become more conscious for the survival of the whole race. We are about 1%.

This is part of my dream, part of my dharma, part of my

continuation of IZ's work. I am fishing for the 5%.

That is why I use the INTERNET to go fishing. It is one of the gifts of the Age of Aquarius.

I use astrology, numerology, runes, mythology, radionics, and quantum physics as my bait.

It really doesn't matter what the physical words of my articles etc 'mean'. There is an 'inner' vibration attached to them. This through the Laws of Resonant Frequency will attract those I am looking for. In PA, NY, England, China, Sri-lanka, etc it does not matter.

I am 70+ now and the Ole Hopi grandfather, at Four Corners, Arizona, told me 10 years ago the I would live to be 104+.

Lots of time to go fishing.

Now this is important!!!!

The Age of Pisces, which was given 2000 years to flourish by the creator God is over. The plug has been pulled. No more energy, no more connection to the Galactic Sun. It may take another 100 years or so for it to fall completely. But it will fall. Do not let it fall on your head.

Therefore remember what the great mystic and teacher said 2000 years ago --- "come ye out from amongst them --- let the dead bury the dead."

It was a message to let go. Now it is time to let go of all the edifices of Pisces, no matter how comfortable they may seem or how much you may be attached to them.

The new forms for the Age of Aquarius need to be built, and this will take time.

Many will come after me who will do a better job, but I will start and light a light.

I will use the umbrella of my "NATURAL ORDER SOCIETY FARM" to send out e books, books, you tubes, audios, lessons, etc as bait for my fishing.

Let go of Pisces. Grab hold of Aquarius with two hands. Build the correct 'inner circuits' so that you will be able to transform the powerful Uranus energies into useful transforming energies.


For survival and also to fulfill your destiny. They don't talk about man's destiny. It is all about 'out there'.

No, it is an inner destiny. There is really only one destiny passed on to us by the Creator God. it applies to man, planets, suns, galaxies and universes. It is:


Age of Aquarius growth means:

INDIVIDUALIZE ( Get all the Pisces hooks out of you. stand on your own two feet.)

RAISE YOUR LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS (see and experience the bigger realities all around you)

BECOME MORE GOD LIKE (use your power to create)

Well have to go --- lots of work to do

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