Sunday, April 11, 2010

Organics From the master I.F. Recap #555



RECAP #555 - SEPT 78

FUNCTION is the master key: Not Ideas – Words – Thoughts- Concepts.

Your must train yourself slowly --- by very small degrees to calmly:

(a) See without associations- thoughts- feelings.

(b) Hear without associations – thoughts – feelings.

)c) Touch without associations – thoughts- feelings.

(d) Work without associations-thoughts- Words -feelings.

(e) Work in the here now. In a steady BARE ATTENTION.

Learn, train and teach yourself to speak:

(a) Slowly

(b) Calmly

)c) Clearly

(d) Softly

(e) Less and listen more.

(f) CONSCIOUSLY aware of Now- What- Who- Where and When you speak.

First you must learn to LISTEN, then you can learn to SPEAK. If you become conscious when you speak, you will hear in your voice the blind urges, emotions, thoughts, desires, images, etc; etc; etc and then you will SHUT UP!

NEVER let your speech out-burst control you. You must control it.

Make a 10 point list of some of the negative and unmeasured things you say and do.

Every week, choose ONE of these things and consciously try pt diminish it, to work against it, in order to overcome its grasp on your subconscious. Record results. Then notice the patterns that emerge after 6-8 weeks have passed.


How many times during each day did I:

Argue; use force in my relationships

Get irritated and upset

Feel hurt and insulted, react rather than measure

Act like an infant; regress to infantalism, a 4-5 year old

How many times a day do I feel that I am not getting my way (frustrated) or do I feel that I'm not getting MY way (super-frustrated); or do I feel that someone is telling ME what to do --- and do I get resentful about it? How much?

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